This is a collection that covers the range of scholarly work undertaken by faculty and students covering social justice. This list is curated by the Provost Office for Social Justice Initiatives. Please email if you have material to contribute to this collection.

Guide to research on Social Justice


Submissions from 2014


Mutual Funds, Fairness, and the Income Gap, Samuel D. Brunson


Taxing Polygamy: Married Filing Jointly (and Severally?), Samuel D. Brunson




No Glue Stocked on Aisle 23: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes Deals a Death Blow to Title VII Class Actions, Matthew Costello


Examining cohort differences and resilience among the aging LGBT community: Implications for education and practice among an expansively diverse population, Michael P. Dentato, John Orwat, Marcia K. Spira, and Benjamin Walker


The Role of Religion in a Catholic Law School: A Century of Experience at Loyola University Chicago, Thomas M. Haney


Divorce and Polygamy in Tanzania, Rachel J. Howland and Ashley Koenen


Capital Punishment Reforms in Illinois: Comparing the Views of Police, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders, Robert M. Lombardo Assistant Professor


"A Century of Losing Battles: The Costly and Ill-Advised War on Drugs in the United States.", Arthur J. Lurigio


A Decade of Progress: Promising Models for Children Found in the Turkish Juvenile Justice System, Brenda A. McKinney and Lauren Salins


How Incentives Drove the Subprime Crisis, Charles W. Murdock


Save the Economy: Break Up the Big Banks and Shape Up the Regulators, Charles W. Murdock


The Big Banks: Background, Deregulation, Financial Innovation and Too Big to Fail, Charles W. Murdock


The Financial Reform Act: Will It Succeed in Reversing the Causes of the Subprime Crisis and Prevent Future Crises?, Charles W. Murdock


At Forty-five Years Old the Obligation to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing Gets a Face-lift, but Will it Integrate America’s Cities?, Jonathan J. Sheffield Jr.


The effect of marginalization on the healthy aging of LGBTQ older adults, Jeanne E. Sokolec and Michael P. Dentato


Effective Implementation of the Trafficking of Persons and Involuntary Servitude Articles: Lessons from the Criminal Justice System Response to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, Alison L. Stankus and Jennifer A. Kuhn


Safeguarding Fundamental Rights: Judicial Incursion into Legislative Authority, Alexander Tsesis

Documents from 2013

Justice, the Liberal Arts, and Some Basic Training for Lawyers, George Anastaplo


Symposium: Theory and Praxis in Reducing Women’s Poverty, Annette Appell, Emily Benfer, and Davida Finger

Health Justice Project: A Collaborative Commitment to Solving Real World Problems, Emily Benfer

Is Justice for One Justice for All? The Dilemma of Public Health Enforcement in an Interconnected World, John Blum

The Role of Law in Global E. Health: A Tool for Development and Equity in a Digitally Divided World, John Blum

Baccauaureate Mass Reflection: The Catholic Lawyer: Justice and the Incarnation, John Breen

Justice and Jesuit Legal Education: A Critique, John Breen


Outness among LGBTQ Social Work Students in North America: The Contribution of Environmental Supports and Perceptions of Comfort, Michael P. Dentato, Shelley L. Craig, Lori Messinger, Michael Lloyd, and Lauren B. McInroy


Minority stress theory: An examination of factors surrounding sexual risk behavior among gay and bisexual men who use club drugs, Michael P. Dentato, Perry N. Halkitis, and John Orwat

Alternative and Critical: The Contribution of Research and Scholarship on Developing Countries to International Legal Theory, Symposium Issue Foreword, James Gathii

Construing Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Policy Consistently with Facilitating Access to Affordable AIDS Drugs to Low-End Consumers, James Gathii

Defining the Relationship Between Human Rights and Corruption, James Gathii

Exporting Culture Wars, James Gathii

Food Sovereignty for Poor Countries in the Global Trading System, James Gathii

Good Governance as a Counter Insurgency Agenda to Oppositional and Transformative Social Projects in International Law, James Gathii

Human Rights, the World Bank and the Washington Consensus: 1949-1999, James Gathii

Imperialism, Colonialism, and International Law, James Gathii

International Justice and the Trading Regime, James Gathii

Introduction: GATS and Human Rights, James Gathii

Minority Rights in Corporate Law: A Reply to Chander, James Gathii

Re-Characterizing the Social in the Constitutionalization of the WTO: A Preliminary Analysis, James Gathii

Rights, Patents, Markets and the Global AIDS Pandemic, James Gathii

The Legal Status of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health Under the Vienna Convention of the Law of Treaties, James Gathii

Torture, Extraterritoriality, Terrorism, and International Law, James Gathii

Wanyiri Kihoro vs. Attorney General: New Insights on the Protection and Enforcement of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in Kenya, James Gathii

Wartime Security and Constitutional Liberty, James Gathii

Reflections on United States-Based Human Rights NGOs' Work on Africa, James Gathii and Celestine Nyamu

International Economic Law in the Third World, James Gathii and Ibironke Odumosu

Globalization and Comparative Family Law: A Discussion of Pluralism, Universality, and Markets, James Gathii and Patricia Reyhan

Training the Law to Represent the Whole Child: In Re Pena, Diane C. Geraghty, Thomas F. Geraghty, and A. Vigil

Child Friendly Legal Aid in Africa, Diane Geraghty and Thomas Geraghty

Restorative Justice: A Systematic Review of the Social Work Literature, Edward Gumz and Cynthia Grant

Access to Medicine in the Global Economy: International Agreements on Patents and Related Rights, Cynthia Ho

Do Patents Promote the Progress of Justice?: Reflections on Varied Visions of Justice, Cynthia Ho

Rhetorical Questions Concerning Justice and Equality in Educational Opportunities, Michael Kaufman

Summary Pre-judgment: The Supreme Court's Profound, Pervasive and Problematic Presumption about Human Behavior., Michael Kaufman



Reverse Innovation from the Least of Our Neighbors, M. Therese Lysaught


A Decade of Progress: Promising Models for Children Found in the Turkish Juvenile Justice System, Brenda McKinney and Lauren Salins

Fairness and Good Faith as a Precept in the Law of Corporations and Other Business Organizations, Charles Murdock

Liberty: A Human Right, or a Citizen Right, Jerry Norton

Jury Trials and First Amendment Values in Cyber World, John Nowak


Enabling Greater Access to Home Meal Delivery, Maciek Nowak, Leo Gala, and Mike Hewitt


An Examination of Admissions, Discharges & the Population of the Cook County Jail, 2012, David E. Olson and Koert Huddle

A General Theory of Cultural Diversity, Steven Ramirez

Diversity and the Boardroom, Steven Ramirez

The New Cultural Diversity and Title VII, Steven Ramirez

Rethinking the Corporation (and Race) in America: Can Law (and Professionalization) Fix “Minor” Problems of Externalization, Internalization, and Governance?, Steven A. Ramirez

The Economics of Discrimination, in The Encyclopedia of Law and Society, Steven A. Ramirez

Affirmative Action and Admissions at a Jesuit Law School, Alan Raphael

Retrospective on Justice and the Poor in the United States in the Twentieth Century, Henry Rose

Affordable Healthcare Act Presentation by Cara Welch, Dow Scott

Messages from Strasbourg: Lessons for American Courts from the Highest Volume Human Rights Court in the World - The European Court of Human Rights, Allen E. Shoenberger

Gloria Jean Ate Catfood Tonight: Justice and the Social Compact for Health Care in America, Lawrence Singer

FOIA the First Amendment: Representative Democracy and the People’s Exclusive “Right to Know”, Barry Sullivan

Employment Discrimination: Law & Practice (Aspen Law & Business, 3ed., C. A. Sullivan, R. Hanner White, and Michael J. Zimmer

Cases and Materials on employment discrimination, 8th ed., Charles Sullivan, Rebecca White, and Michael Zimmer


Gendered Jobs and the New Gender Gap, George K. Thiruvathukal and Jon Ross

Contextualizing Bias Crimes: A Social & Theoretical Perspective, Alexander Tsesis

Eliminating the Destitution of America's Homeless: A Fair, Federal Approach, Alexander Tsesis

For Liberty and Equality: The Life and Times of the Declaration of Independence, Alexander Tsesis

Furthering American Freedom: Civil Rights & the Thirteenth Amendment, Alexander Tsesis

Gender Subordination and the Thirteenth Amendment, Alexander Tsesis

Hate in Cyberspace: Regulating Hate Speech On the Internet, Alexander Tsesis

Into the Light of Day: Relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment to Contemporary Law, Alexander Tsesis

Regulating Intimidating Speech, Alexander Tsesis

The Empirical Shortcomings of First Amendment Jurisprudence: An Historical Perspective on the Power of Hate Speech, Alexander Tsesis

The Problem of Confederate Symbols: A Thirteenth Amendment Approach, Alexander Tsesis

The Promises of Liberty: The History and Contemporary Relevance of the Thirteenth Amendment ed., Alexander Tsesis

We Shall Overcome: A History of Civil Rights and the Law, Alexander Tsesis

Competition, Consumer Protection, and Energy Deregulation, Spencer Waller

In Search of Economic Justice: Considering Competition and Consumer Protection Law, Spencer Waller

A Case Study of a Partnership in Chicago to Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning, in J. Garbarino and G. Sigman (eds) A Child's Right to a Healthy Environment, Anita Weinberg

Brown v. Board of Education Fifty Years Later: What Makes for Greatness in a Legal Opinion?, Neil Williams


Civil Religion and the Cultural Politics of National Identity in Obama’s America, Rhys H. Williams

Is “Relevant Conduct” Relevant? Reconsidering the Guidelines’ Approach to Real Offense Sentencing, David N. Yellen

Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination, 8th, Michael Zimmer


Employment Discrimination: Selected Cases & Statutes 7th edition, Michael Zimmer

Is the Antidiscrimination Project Being Ended?, Michael Zimmer

Systemic Empathy, Michael Zimmer