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The Center for Urban Research and Learning at Loyola University Chicago was contacted by the Southwest Organization Project to conduct a research project in conjunction with them, their institutional member, Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago Lawn and Gage Park, and the Greater Southwest Development Corporation. This project seeks to identify the principles causes of foreclosures in these neighborhoods; to identify areas within the communities with a higher concentration of foreclosure and relate this to demographic, socioeconomic characteristics and housing stock in those areas; and to identify approaches to dealing with foreclosure as an issues. This project seeks to identify where in these community areas foreclosures are most prevalent, and to determine what characteristics of these parts of the neighborhood (usually census tracts) make them more likely to experience high foreclosures. Furthermore, we want to examine the cause of mortgages going into foreclosure – namely whether specific types of loans more likely to result in foreclosures than others, whether specific actors (realtors, lenders, et. al.) connected to higher rates of foreclosure, and what types of borrowers are going into foreclosure. Finally, we seek to sample successful foreclosure prevention programs conducted by community-based organizations elsewhere to attempt to find some best practices that can be applied in Chicago Lawn and Gage Park.

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