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We use data from the Cook County Assessor to document the decline in Chicago apartments and growth in condominium units from 1989 to 2004. While the total number of housing units in Chicago remained approximately constant at a little over one million, we find that at least 44,637 and perhaps as many as 97,894 apartment units were removed from Chicago’s housing stock during this period. Over the same period 102,408 condominium units have been added to the housing stock. We provide tables and maps that show the changes by in small apartments (less than six units), large apartments (7+ units) and condominiums by community area. Loss of small and large apartment buildings has been widespread across the entire city. Condominium growth has been most intense on the Northeast, Near South and Near West Sides. Some, but not all, of the community areas that lost large numbers of apartments gained condominiums. On average, across the city as a whole, for each 1,000 additional condominium units a community area gained, it lost 27 small apartment buildings and about 6 large apartment buildings.

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