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In partnership with Native Americans In Philanthropy this report gives basic demographic information on 60 grant making entities grouped into three categories: 1) Native foundations that are independently incorporated; 2) 501c3 Native organizations; and 3) tribal funds. These categories capture the variety of Native controlled approaches currently at work in the field.

The Native Foundations category includes thirty-six Native controlled, independently incorporated grant making foundations that were operating in the United States during the years 2001-2003. These foundations received their 501c3 charitable designation from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are largely committed to carrying out a grant making function. They vary in terms of foundation type, focus, financial resources and experience. However, they do have a common thread: their interest and commitment to improving conditions for Native people.

Overall, the data presented in this report shows that Native people and communities have embraced and are deeply engaged in the development of philanthropic organizations, and this movement offers hope that new Native leadership in this field translates to more effective philanthropic work in addressing the many needs and issues that exist in Native communities.

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