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This paper reviews the literature that assesses the incidence of severe impairments among parents and children receiving AFDC and TANF, and projects that analysis to estimate the number of persons eligible for, but not receiving SSI in the Illinois TANF caseload. The paper also reviews current investment in screening for eligibility and pursuing SSI benefits for TANF recipients, and articulates a rationale for further investment. Prior research supports an estimate that between 8-12,000 children, and 4- 18,000 parents in the Illinois TANF caseload are SSI eligible but not enrolled. This paper describes strategies and costs necessary to promote full enrolment of SSI eligible TANF recipients. Finally, the paper summarizes fiscal incentives supporting further investment in screening and advocacy to secure SSI benefits for TANF recipients. Additional investment will produce substantially greater savings in TANF cash assistance, and will also strengthen family economic security. For TANF families that secure SSI benefits for a disabled child, the parent will be better able to obtain employment.

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