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Journal of Philosophy of Education

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This paper explores the challenges of non‐violence as an educational subject. Conceptually framed by nonduality, this cross‐cultural conversation between Laozian and Deleuzian viewpoints articulates reforming non‐violence into non‐violencing within the educational discourse. Non‐violencing is a shift that opens up space to theorise non‐violence as open‐ended, uncertain and dynamic. Dr. Moon utilises Laozi's Taoism to examine yin–yang cosmology to illustrate the continuum of violence/non‐violence. Proceeding from the notion of non‐action (wuwei, 無爲), he argues that non‐violence is not the opposite of violence, but it is a form of active action by not doing. Dr. Tocci draws from Deleuze to connect non‐violence to the concepts of haecceity, minoritarianism and multiplicities. Together, both authors postulate that non‐violence is not a thing. Instead, both authors consider it in its gerund form to be a particular kind of activity performed to prevent violence in whatever relational patterns it may take. This open‐ended space created by non‐violence facilitates imagining a fresh approach to human interactions. In promoting this cross‐cultural conversation, the William Joiner Institute Teacher Initiative Project (TIP) is highlighted as an exemplary program emphasising the uncertainty, incompleteness and paradox of the violence/non‐violence duality and non‐violencing pedagogy. This cross‐cultural, philosophical study will provide educators with salient epistemological and pedagogical frameworks with which to advance the field of non‐violence education.


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