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Name of Corresponding Author

Theresa Garren-Grubbs

Credentials of Corresponding Author


Nature and scope of the project

To determine if the implementation of an education session about advance care planning (ACP) conversations increased engagement in ACP and documentation of medical wishes in the form of an AD for South Dakota farm and ranch women participating in the Power of Women as AgVocates Conference.

Synthesis and analysis of supporting literature

Despite national recommendations, there remains a gap in meeting the needs of American adults, particularly those that represent ethnic minorities, veterans, disabled, and those living in geographically isolated regions in relation to documentation of healthcare wishes. In 2015, the South Dakota Department of Health reported that 31% of South Dakotans stated they had an advance directive (AD). Nationally, approximately 36% of adults have completed any type of AD.

Project implementation

This cross-sectional investigation consisted of education on ACP to participants of the Power of Women as AgVocates Conference. There were three phases including comparisons of the same sample population before and after the intervention. The education session utilized PREPARE for Your Care which is an interactive online program which includes video short stories and interactive questions.

Evaluation criteria

Increased engagement in ACP was evaluated using a pre-test/post-test design utilizing the 15-item Advance Care Planning Engagement Survey. Comparisons were made before and after the ACP intervention at different time intervals (1 week and 3 months after the educational session). This project included measuring engagement in ACP, documentation of wishes for medical care and end-of-life care, and the participants’ evaluation of the program.


Twenty-three women participated in the education session. There were statistically significant increases in self-efficacy and readiness to complete ACP reported by participants. Objectives of this education session were met. Per the participants, this was an effective format for ACP. Advance directive completion rates did not increase.


Using PREPARE for Your Care during an education session on ACP can increase self-efficacy and readiness to engage in ACP. The format of this program is appropriate for future use in community settings with this population.



PREPARE-ing South Dakota Farm and Ranch Women for Advance Care Planning