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Kathleen Bobay

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Kathleen Bobay, PhD, RN


The purpose of the proposed study is to address attributes of the NM in relation to Authentic Leadership ability (The Art), Graduate Academic Preparation (The Science), and level of Emotional Intelligence (The Leader Within) and the effect that a single attribute, or combination of attributes, has on staff nurse satisfaction and retention.

Background and significance

The nurse manager (NM) is one of the most influential positions in a health care organization. The individual in this position interfaces with patients, family members, nursing and support staff, other health care professionals, ancillary departments, and hospital administrators. Patient outcomes are influenced by staff nurse performance and the work environment. Effective staff nurse performance and positive patient outcomes contribute to organizational effectiveness. Oftentimes the new NM is not equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, or attributes to be effective in the position. Inadequate NM role preparation can foster staff nurse dissatisfaction, which may adversely affect patient outcomes.

Theoretical/Conceptual framework

Meleis' (2010) Transitions Theory.


Quantitative Analysis:

  • Demographics
  • Emotional Intelligence Survey
  • Authentic Leadership Inventory







The Effect of Specific Nurse Manager Attributes on Staff Nurse Satisfaction and Intent To Stay