Effect of Isolation Guidelines on Patient Care

Nature and scope of the project

Isolation precautions on a nursing unit are crucial to preventing the transmission of infections and diseases. However, the adverse effects of isolation precautions have been identified. Due to the frequency of adverse effects, there is a major concern for patient safety when isolation precautions are implemented.

Synthesis and analysis of supporting literature

Within several systematic reviews, there was a consensus that patient contact, safety, physical wellbeing, and overall satisfaction have been negatively impacted because of isolation. There is also a direct correlation between isolated patients and increase in preventable events such as fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, pressure ulcers, and falls. Patients in isolation are less likely to be checked on by healthcare providers and often have incomplete chart documentation.

Project implementation

A fishbone diagram was completed for a structured analysis of isolation precautions and their adverse effects on patients. A negative effect on patients and patient outcomes was prevalent upon completion of the problem diagram, such as an increase in preventable events such as falls or pressure ulcers, decrease in patient documentation of care, fear of disease transmission and patient loneliness due to isolation.

Evaluation criteria

The solution diagram was completed using projected solutions of technology and education. The projected solutions have been proven effective in bolstering patients and patient outcomes such as telemedicine, increased support of staff caring for isolated patients, close proximity and abundant supplies of PPE, scheduled rounding on patients and computer programs that ensure timely documentation of assessments. Further research will be necessary to validate applicable effectiveness of these ideas for patients in isolation.


This was a classroom project; thus, we were not able to implement solutions.


Education and reinforcement of solutions for staff will be presented by an interactive computer game module. Staff members are to complete several checkpoints and posttests throughout the module to obtain the final completion certificate. However, implementation cannot be completed until validated solutions are obtained. Research towards correcting and preventing the adverse effects of isolation precautions is not only necessary but is imperative for positive patient outcomes.



Effect of Isolation Guidelines on Patient Care