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This research study examined how school leaders, in particular the associate superintendent of curriculum and a junior high school principal, in the same district collaborated to plan for and implement mandated change. In this research study, the mandated change was that of the State's adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

This study utilized a case study methodology. The case study included one case of an associate superintendent of curriculum for the district and a junior high school principal located in suburban Cook County bounded within the timeframe of August 2012 to October 2013. The district identified had demonstrated academic achievement in mathematics and a significant minority student population. Interviews of the assistant superintendent of curriculum and middle school principal from the district were conducted and artifacts collected. Participants were asked questions about how they developed their own knowledge of the CCSS for Mathematics, what implementation plans they had developed or planned to develop for the middle school, and the extent and nature of the relationship between the central office and middle school leadership as it related to implementation of the CCSS for Mathematics.

This study concluded that factors that contribute to meaningful change in the fact of state mandates include a clear vision for curriculum, instruction, and student achievement, a comprehensive communication structure, a culture of support and collaboration, and extensive and well thought out professional learning to support both teachers and leaders in the process of change. However, the multiple organizational layers and the redundancy of information and knowledge building across the district in the form of numerous larger group meetings may be an indication of wasted resources in terms of personnel and time. Further research is needed to explore how systems and structures at the leadership level developed as a result of mandated change translate into classroom practice and student learning.

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