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The "typical" American family is becoming more diverse with more families encompassing different configurations of individuals, such as blended families, multi-generational families, foster families, and single parent families (Lambie, 2011). This research study used qualitative research methods (teacher interviews) to investigate the extent to which teachers in a Catholic school received training on collaborating with non-traditional families and family diversity. Additionally, this study investigated the perceptions teachers had about working with foster families, kinship care-givers, grandparents raising grandchildren, and divorced parents and whether these perceptions changed after receiving a brief professional development on working with these types of families. Although the sample size was small, the results of this study suggested that the participants slightly increased their out-reach practices to non-traditional families after receiving a short-training related to working with non-traditional families. Teachers in the study also reported increased cultural sensitivity and a better understanding of working with different types of families following the in-person training.

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