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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




This study examined the capacity and predictors of socially responsible leadership among African American/ Black college students at HBCUs and PWIs using data from the Multi-institutional Study of Leadership. An independent sample t-test was used to test the hypothesis that African American/ Black students at HBCUs would have higher leadership capacity. Two hierarchical multiple regressions were calculated to address the second hypothesis that predictors would vary by institution type. No significant differences were found in leadership capacity between African American/ Black students and regression models, which explained 53-55% of the variance, showed that most predictors were mutual.

This study adds to leadership literature that examines the intersection of race and leadership. It also identified college environment variables that predict gains in leadership capacity in HBCU and PWI contexts. This study highlights the importance of membership in on-campus and off-campus organizations, participation in sociocultural conversations, leadership efficacy, and campus climate in leadership development

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