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This qualitative research study used the methodology of historical documentation. Primary and secondary sources were gathered alongside of the original sources for Servant Leadership as espoused by Robert Greenleaf in "The Servant as Leader" (1970). The New International Version (NIV) of the Bible will be referenced as a primary source and a host of primary and secondary sources regarding Superintendents Hairston and Markley will be supplied. Throughout this study, Greenleaf's definition and eighteen characteristics of a servant leader will be the framework for interpreting the biblical passages as they relate to the leadership of King David and Apostle Paul, as well as the scenarios that occurred during the tenure of Superintendents Hairston and Markley. Additionally, this investigation will demonstrate and provide evidence that the characteristics necessary for educational leaders to overcome the challenges within education today, are the same characteristics that allowed the leaders within the biblical text to overcome challenges. Moreover, this study will examine the day-to-day educational issues that currently face superintendents and the historical issues from the biblical text and it will identify if the words, actions and deeds of Superintendents Hairston and Markley as well as King David and Apostle Paul demonstrates and provide evidence of Servant Leadership.

The research questions of this study are as follows: What characteristics of servant leadership were found to be evident and were demonstrated by King David, Apostle Paul, Superintendent Hairston and Superintendent Markley in the resolution of challenges regarding: building and maintaining loyalty of followers, choosing and prioritizing resources, and demonstrating accountability of fidelity to the mission for all stakeholders?

Lastly, this study will discuss the biblical lessons for educational leaders and how the tenets of servant leadership can be retrieved from the biblical text.

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