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This research investigates the audience perceptions of Muslim standup comedy by Muslim-American college and university students. The research question is ‘Do Muslim-Americans feel as if Muslim standup comedy is painting a new image of Islam and Muslims?’ There has yet to be any published research that asks Muslim-Americans for their perspectives regarding Muslim standup comedy. Since Muslim-Americans are some of the consumers of Muslim standup comedy, this demographic is necessary to study when it comes to exploring the consumption of Muslim standup comedy. The methodology for this research is a qualitative method that involves semi-structured in-depth interviews with Muslim-Americans. I will sample Muslim-American college and university students from various colleges and universities throughout the Chicago-land and Illinois area. Respondents are between the ages of 18 – 30 years. The respondents were recruited through snowball sampling for this research, since the respondents were interconnected to the same social group. Muslim-Americans provided their own perspectives regarding the role that Muslim standup comedy has with their lives.

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