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Master of Science (MS)


Microbiology and Immunology


Autophagy is a cellular process of degradation which degrades cellular materials in acidic organelles called lysosomes. Impairment of lysosomal degradation can lead to lysosomal storage disorders such as Parkinson's Disease. In Parkinson's Disease neurotoxic α-synuclein can spread from cell-to-cell via extracellular vesicles. We investigated the changes in extra vesicular glycans upon perturbation of autophagy using a class of glycan binding molecules termed lectins.

We found that upon induction of autophagy causes EV glycans to increase while others remained consistent. Additionally, we found that specific glycans are increased more than others. Conversely, when lysosomal degradation was impaired, we observed a decrease in EV glycans and that specific glycans decreased more than others.

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