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Master of Arts (MA)


Women's Studies and Gender Studies


This thesis research is about Azeri Masculinities. I searched for answers to the questions -What are the main rituals and life events in a man`s life which make him a "real" man in Azerbaijan? What kind of paths are enforced to maintain this place in the society as a man?

Through this research, I examined male identities in Azerbaijan - men in political, social and cultural background of the Azeri society. Then, I delve into the lifecycle of the development of manhood. I review the effects of the Islamic religion in the process of making men and reflection Islamic religious masculinities. However, different types of masculinities (which do not fit the traditional notions) such as Azeri gay masculinities are one of the important focus points of my research.

I used self €“ reflexive interpretive methodology for my research, which enabled me to reflect on my memory and my situational experiences and subsequently interpret them. The main theme emerging from this study is that three major life events are crucial for the man making process. First step is the event of circumcision, which has more cultural value for the local people than religious. The second event I discuss in men's lives is military service. Military duty is essential for Azeri men and protecting the land means the same thing as protecting their mother and their family, so the land is also feminized. The third event is marriage, which is inevitable, indeed the biggest life event for the adult man.

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