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Master of Arts (MA)


Women's Studies and Gender Studies


This study looks at how domestic violence is conceptualized by the research studies on

Asian Indian immigrant communities in the United States through different periods of time, and

how sociocultural factors are associated with domestic violence. Using the meta-synthesis

descriptive method, I analyzed and interpreted the findings of four research studies conducted

between 1995-2016 that included in-depth interviews with Asian Indian immigrant women who

experienced domestic violence. The analysis focuses on changes of the patterns of abuse, helping behavior, and leaving the abusive marriage as an option. The changes in U.S. domestic

violence legislation and policy regarding immigration and domestic violence have had an impact

on Asian Indian women's behavior toward the DV to some extent, but stigma associated with

divorce, fear of being ostracized by the family and the Asian Indian community in the US as well

in India have had more impact on women's behavior.

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