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The educational needs, challenges and outcomes of refugee youth in the United States have been studied a great deal, particularly in regard to primary and secondary education. There is a dearth of research, however, on the refugee experience in higher education in the United States.

This study seeks to add to the body of literature on refugee education by exploring shared features of the refugee experience in higher education. Through an in-depth study of refugee youth in Chicago, the study seeks to understand their experiences before, while entering and during college and university, particularly how these experiences are tied to their refugee identities.

The study highlights the many loci of support for young refugees, as well as the lack of significant support from ethnic communities and family members. It also highlights the significant challenges that refugees face once in college.

The study also presents implications for further research, as well as for policy and practice. It highlights the need for policy makers and refugee service providers to focus on providing tailored support to refugees once in college and university.

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