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This study examines the impact of the current U.S. presidential administration's policies and rhetoric on international student experiences and identities. The researcher approaches this question through the theoretical lens of intersectionality, with the goal of highlighting the complexity and diversity of international student identities in this unique historical moment. Through in-depth narratives collected from interviews with 8 diverse international students, it becomes clear that the 2016 presidential election and the administration's rhetoric and policies have influenced international student experiences and identities in significant ways. Students perceive the statements and actions of the current government to have shifted their perspectives and their sense of self, noting a range of changes in their environments, their experiences, and decisions for their future. While each student's reaction differs from the next, depending on the web of intersecting identities making up each student's sense of self, overall the findings indicate that this administration has made a notable impact on the international student population. By documenting the students' perceptions, experiences, and shifting identities, the study encourages researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to consider how to better support this group in the current political climate.

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