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Master of Arts (MA)


Women's Studies and Gender Studies


The queer monster feeds, yet what does it feed on? What does it look like? Is it considered homosexual in Nature? Does one think of it as a source of camp or pure fear? It consumes us, literally. as a bioweapon that shoots and eats and destroys. It has and always will be the feared/ spectated/ and degraded€¦ the dis/abled queer. I investigate 'queer monstrosity' as a schizophrenic, trans feminine academic who lives multiple lives. There are three parts to my inquiry that is focused on this creation of lived experience: gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. How does including dis/ability in conversations regarding BDSM alter the meaning and contextualization? This is a term that brings Feminist, Queer Studies, and Dis/abled scholars together with intention. the queer monster is something that hasn't been considered enough in the contexts of gender, sexuality, and dis/ability theory.

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