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The first year of college can be a stressful experience that can lead to depressive symptoms in emerging adults. Due to the significant impairments that are associated with depressive symptoms across the lifespan, it is important to understand the elements of the first-year college experience that contribute to depressive affect. The goals of the current prospective study are to examine sex differences in the relationship between life stressors (i.e., social and achievement stressors) and cognitive avoidance coping in the development of depressive symptoms in first-year college students. The findings suggest that although cognitive avoidance is predictive of more depression, there are no significant differences in the effect of cognitive avoidance between genders. Additionally, cognitive avoidance does not moderate the relationship between social and achievement stressors for males or females. Future research may aim to determine how cognitive avoidance contributes to negative affect and how cognitive styles have a role in the cognitive avoidance to depression relationship.

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