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Master of Science (MS)


Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Program


The Mixed Lineage Leukemia (MLL) protein serves as a positive transcriptional regulator during hematopoietic and embryonic development. The MLL gene can undergo chromosomal translocations producing leukemia-causing fusions that retain the MLL amino-terminus, including the repression domain. A recent yeast two-hybrid screening used the MLL repression domain as bait and yielded nine positive clones of Nipped B-like (NIPBL).

NIPBL is a crucial member of the cohesin complex, which functions in the segregation of sister chromatids during cell division. However, recent evidence suggests the cohesin complex can also function as a transcriptional regulator.

In this study, we wanted to confirm this interaction using an independent system--GST pull-down assay. The NIPBL protein is quite large; so seven subdomain regions were cloned and expressed. GST-tagged MLL repression domain was expressed to perform GST pull-downs with the subdomains. Our results have shown and confirmed that NIPBL residues 450-637 interact with the MLL repression domain.

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