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Female part-time employment among female total employment has increased substantially in Turkey between 2005 and 2011. Part-time employment accounted for 13%, 22% and 27% of female employment in 2005, 2008 and 2011, respectively. The main objective of this paper is to outline some stylized facts concerning the key characteristics of female part time employment and to assess the reasons behind the increase in part-time employment for females in Turkey. We present general profile and labor status profile of part-time female workers via rich descriptive analysis by using Turkstat Household Labor Force Surveys for the period 2005 and 2011. Moreover we estimate two probit models to assess the reasons of the substantial increase in female part-time employment. The main findings can be summarized as the following: Parttime employment is higher among older, low educated females living in rural areas. Moreover part-time employed female are highly concentrated in agriculture activities informal sector and blue collar occupations and approximately half of female part-time workers are unpaid family workers. Both working hours and hourly wages are lower for females than that of males. Composition of female part-time employment by different aspects varies greatly by geographic distribution. Furthermore estimation results of the first specification shows that aging and higher levels of education decreases the probability of part-time employment with respect to full-time employment. On the other hand, estimation results of the second specification reveals that probability of female part-time employment with respect to being out of the labor force increases with age. Additionally medium and high education decreases the probability of part-time employment in all age groups. Finally, regional unemployment rates increase the probability of being part-time employed in the first specifications where as it decreases the probability of part-time employment in the second specification.



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