The Press & The Puglist

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October 2005


To truly get a feel of the feelings and perceptions of previous times, it is important to not only read and digest the work of scholars decades removed, but also to see the visceral, instant reactions as written in the newspapers. The perceptions of the press are the reflections of the perceptions of their readers, and as the readers were dealing with their own individual and societal changes, so too did the newspapers have to operate under and through the strains of growing pains and identity issues. In terms of the controversial Jack Johnson, the reporting of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Defender reflect two entirely different racial emphases at a time in which American society was struggling with the concept of race and how it both reflects and impacts dominant concepts of masculinity as found in athletics, especially Boxing.


This article is the culmination of my research at the Newberry Library in the Fall of 2005.

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