The Loyola University Libraries Undergraduate Research Paper Award recognizes and rewards outstanding research conducted by undergraduate students at Loyola University Chicago. Any undergraduate in any discipline is invited to apply for the award, which is judged by a cross-disciplinary panel of librarians, members of the Friends of the Libraries, and Loyola faculty members.

The Loyola University Libraries Research Paper Award is different from other research paper awards in that it judges not only the paper itself, but also the research process and the student’s ability to articulate his/her experience conducting research.

The first- and second-prize winners received prizes presented during Loyola’s annual Weekend of Excellence.


Submissions from 2014


Let’s Take This One Step at a Time: The Effect of Presenting the Brainstorming Rules in Stages on Brainstorming Effectiveness, Cassondra Batz

Submissions from 2013


Semantic Distance Modulates the N400 Event-Related Potential in Verbal Analogical Reasoning, Matthew J. Kmiecik and Robert G. Morrison