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This paper focuses on estimating wage differences between males and females in Egypt to understand the determinants of the gender wage gap and control of this variation. The methodology of this paper is based on studying and analyzing the topic of wage differentials between males and females by using the Oaxaca decomposition technique. The data used in the analysis is obtained from the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey 2006 (ELMPS 2006), which was presented by Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in cooperation with Economic Research Forum (ERF). The findings of this paper help deepen the understanding of the wage gap between males and females in Egypt by determining differences in wages due to real variations in characteristics between both genders, for example, education and experience and differences due to discrimination against women in addition to determining differences due to selectivity bias. It is estimated that, the wage gap between males and females is 25% and the results ascertain that the overall gap is attributed to discrimination against women.



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