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Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing



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Much of the prior scholarly research on global gender and marketing tends to focus on development. The post-socialist space does not fit neatly into this paradigm, given the diversity of its legacy of ideology, industrialization, feminist thought, and the post-socialist experience of privatization, democratization, European Union expansion, and, in some cases, war. This chapter uses the history of feminist thought in Yugoslavia and Croatia to highlight the contribution the post-socialist space brings to global gender and marketing research: questioning the role of the state in securing rights and questioning assumptions about individualism in a neoliberal era. I argue for an extension of the current perspective on researching global gender and marketing that continues its social justice focus and includes a transnational approach, which allows for future research that attends to the differences among women in global regions, acknowledges the diversity of experiences of oppression, and gives voice to local feminist thought and activism.


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