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The papyrus now accessible as P. Merton II 100 was first edited by H.I. Bell as "A Requisitioning Order for Taxes in Kind," in Aegyptus, fasc.2 (1951) (Raccolta Vitelli), pp. 307-12, and subsequently reprinted as SB VI 9232. The document, written during the emirate of Jordanes (ca. A.D. 699-704), is dated 23 Phaophi of the thirteen indiction (21 October 699). Difficulties of decipherment are owed to the colors of the inks that were used (they fade into the color of papyrus itself), the frequent use of abbreviation, and the extreme cursiveness of the second hand (lines 5-8). Nevertheless, some improvements in the text can be made once it is recognized that the Merton papyrus belongs to a group of requisitions that also includes Stud.Pal. III 253-54 and VIII 1085. The emendations proposed here may be verified against the plate that accompanies the Merton edition.


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