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Outdoor advertising visuals from Skopje, Macedonia are analyzed in a content analysis. Images were photographed in the most heavily traveled areas of the city to secure a snapshot of culture and to analyze western influence. Media and linguistic imperialism, globalization and glocalization, along with advertising and communication strategies, are used to frame the investigation. Findings show that media companies are the leading advertisers, along with banks and entertainment. The majority of ads employed some form of English, although Macedonian and Cyrillic writing were also used. The images revealed strategic use of language and symbols, depending on the product category, business goals, and audience characteristics. Visuals illuminate the practice of glocalization in a city that has long been a mixture of cultures.


Slides from a presentation delivered on November 17, 2011 at the National Communication Association's 97th Annual Convention in New Orleans, on a paper titled "Glocalization in Macedonia: English in Outdoor Advertising Messages."

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