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Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community


The Greater Chinatown area in Chicago (see Figure 1 for map) is rapidly changing because of recent public and private investments. The area continues to attract great interest by developers because of its proximity to downtown, public transportation rail infrastructure, bicycle shares, and its vibrant ethnic culture. Consequentially, Greater Chinatown’s popular real estate market creates concerns about the implications of gentrification (economic and cultural) and potential displacement of existing communities. Community advocates, policymakers, and scholars nationwide point to the displacement in lower-income and ethnic communities resulting from urban revitalization. In particular, Chinatowns across the nation have become part of the public discourse when discussing gentrification and fights against displacement. This is evidenced in the last few years by media outlets, such as the Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, New York Times, City Labs, Next City, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed, Hyperallegic, amongst others, all reporting concerns about gentrification in Chinatowns.


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