Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition

Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition



Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition, is the newest edition of a successful, issues-based curriculum developed by the American Chemical Society for non-science majors at the college level. The book teaches students chemistry in the context of their own lives and examines world issues through a science lens. This book is available in print and as an ebook.

The ninth edition includes new simulations that allow students to, for example, better understand spectroscopy methods, manipulate variables to investigate properties of the electromagnetic spectrum, and learn more about nanoparticles in sunscreen. Activities that compliment these web-based applets are included in the text to maximize teaching and learning benefits.

The integrated activities throughout the text develop an understanding of the chemistry involved with real-life contexts such as portable electronics, air quality, alternative fuels, food chemistry, polymers, and genetic engineering.

A new capstone chapter highlights how forensic science can be used to solve a crime. A lab mysteriously catches fire, and it results in a "whodunit" style murder case that students investigate and solve with the help of chemistry.

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Chemistry Education, Chemical Principles, Non-Science Majors, Technological Issues, Global Warming, Alternate Fuels, Genetic Engineering, Nutrition



Chemistry in Context, 9th Edition