The Ignatian Pedagogy certificate program in the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy at Loyola University Chicago consists of a series of seminars and workshops over an academic year. The culminating experience of the program is for participants to develop a final project where they select an issue or topic that they would like to pursue more deeply related to the application of Ignatian Pedagogy and some aspect of their teaching or interaction with students, colleagues or community. This requires participants to apply one or more of the five domains of the Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm:

  • Context: understanding who our students are in relation to the disciplinary content, but also to the worlds they come from.
  • Experience: using educational strategies that draw on student experiences, making them relevant and applicable to a wider, deeper context.
  • Reflection: providing opportunities for students to consider their learning experience and how those experiences have broadened their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.
  • Action: move students beyond knowing to doing, and to a broader understanding of how they have changed as a result of their educational experience.
  • Evaluation: how well-rounded have students become as a result of the course? What growth in attitude, priorities and actions are evident?

Faculty and staff who have participated in the program since the 2015-2016 academic year, submitted projects as part of completing the certificate program. We are sharing some of these as examples of how others may want to think about incorporating the Ignatian Pedagogy Paradigm into their work with students, colleagues and the wider community.