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This research study examines the perceived impact of teacher induction programs on public high school novice and beginning career-change teachers. This study seeks to explore the differences in perceptions of public high school novice teachers versus public high school beginning career-change teachers in regards to the efficacy of induction programs.

Through a case study design that utilized qualitative questionnaires, individualized interviews, and document analysis, the researcher uncovered data, which highlighted the importance of addressing the individual needs of public high school novice and beginning career-change teachers in district induction.

The conclusions that follow summarize the utilization of Allan A. Glatthorn's Differentiated Supervision model to provide differentiated induction for public high school novice and beginning career-change teachers during their first year of teaching in order to meet their individual needs. Additionally, the summary highlights the importance of the building principal taking an active role in the induction of all new teachers to their building. It is the hope of the researcher that these conclusions can be incorporated in other instructional leaders' school induction programs to better support new teachers in their first year of teaching.

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