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This study investigates two Illinois High School districts from the years 1986-2011 and their extra-curricular Codes of Conduct. It begins by reviewing the evolution and background history of extra-curricular Codes of Conduct in Illinois High Schools. The specific development, evolution, implementation, and changes to the Codes of Conduct in two Illinois high school districts are then examined.

The research questions of this study focus on four topics; what was the evolution of the Codes of Conduct at the two Illinois high School districts, who were the advocates and leaders for changes to the consequences of a Code of Conduct violation, what programs were developed to meet the needs of the students in violation, and the implications for school leadership.

An in depth look at the school board meeting minutes from all school districts involved is accompanied by oral histories from the stakeholders involved in the change process. Together those sources outline the development, implementation, and change processes undergone to the Codes of Conduct in the respective school districts. The study concludes with recommendations for school district leadership on the development of a Code of Conduct and the change process resistance they may encounter.

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