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This study examined the potential impact race specific cultural centers and student support programs (CCSSPs) have on the leadership development of students of color. Data from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership was used to answer two primary questions. The two primary questions focused on the potential impact of CCSSPs on leadership outcomes and the rates of participation in high-impact leadership practices. The analytic approach utilized “effect size” methodology while also conducting sample t-tests to compare means between CCSSP users and non-users and chi-square analysis for relationships between dependent categorical variables.

No findings emerged for leadership outcomes for the sample as a whole. Meaningful differences in the rates of participation in sociocultural conversations, faculty and staff mentoring, identity-based student organizations and multicultural Greek-letter organizations were found for CCSSP users in the aggregate. The same analyses were conducted after disaggregating the data by race and numerous unique differences for all three racial groups of color who utilized CCSSPs were discovered with leadership outcomes and high-impact leadership practices.

This study sets the foundation for future leadership studies that focus on college students of color. It also provides the context for analyzing centers charged with assisting a growing student population of color. The findings of this study highlight the importance of disaggregating data by race for more meaningful and concise information that can help inform appropriate practices for student affairs professionals.

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