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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Child Development


The purpose of this study is to introduce a measure of early mathematics teaching practices, the High Impact Strategies in Early Mathematics (HIS-EM) and its framework, and to examine its criterion-related, predictive validity of High Impact Strategies in Early Mathematics (HIS-EM) and describe the types of early math teaching the HIS-EM detects among a sample of Pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade teachers working with high need students in an urban public schools system. The findings indicate that the HIS-EM produced reliable scores, and meaningful and predictable associations were found between HIS-EM and CLASS. The results also suggested that high quality mathematics as measured by HIS-EM significantly predicted students’ mathematics learning at the classroom level. Further, despite the existence of learning standards and increased curricular attention to mathematics, results also revealed that majority of the the early childhood educators tend not to provide high quality of mathematics instruction during the course of mathematics teaching. Overall this study shows that the HIS-EM holds promise as a useful tool in mathematics education research, measuring indicators of quality of early mathematics teaching practices.

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