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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of spiritual well-being to migratory grief and acculturation. The study employed a cross-sectional design and a convenience sampling method. Data were collected from 75 Mexican immigrant adult education students in the city of Chicago. Instruments used to collect data were a demographic form, Spiritual Well-Being Scale, Migratory Grief and Loss Questionnaire, and the Stephenson Multigroup Acculturation Scale. All instruments were translated into Spanish, the native language of the participants. Multiple regression analysis was used to test the moderator effects of existential well-being and religious well-being, the two sub-scales of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale. Existential well-being and religious well-being failed to show a moderator effect. A moderate positive correlation was found between migratory grief and acculturation-degree of immersion in the ethnic society. This study also found a moderate negative correlation between self-perceived adaptation and acculturation-degree of immersion in the dominant society. This study extends current knowledge on the spiritual well-being of Mexican immigrants.

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