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The achievement gap between Latino and White students is a significant problem, prompting the need to address the cultural conflicts that hinder relationships and compromise learning opportunities for Latino students in the United States. This exploratory qualitative study focused on Spanish Native Speaker (SNS) teachers' perceptions and use of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) at the high school level. Framed with theory related to CRP, data were collected through interviews and classroom observations with four SNS teachers who teach a SNS class at various high schools in the suburbs of Cook County. A thematic analysis and an analysis using Herrera's (2010) evaluation tool provided a complete picture of what was observed in the classroom. Participants' responses led to critical themes that included causes of and strategies for the use of CRP in the SNS classroom. This study provided insight for all teachers on how to promote CRP in the SNS classroom, meet the needs of Latinos in SNS programs, implement CRP, and understand their students. This study contributed to positive social change by recommending the use of CRP in the SNS classroom.