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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Restorative practices emerged on the scene within the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) as of recent. In 2006, CPS revamped their Student Code of Misconduct handbook from a strict and stern "zero-tolerance" voice to a more sensitive and subtle "restorative talk" approach. With this transition in effect, the school's culture and climate are expected to positively improve and at the same time support the social and emotional and academic performance of the students. Peace Circles is one of the alternate solutions to address these issues by decreasing out-of-school suspensions and improving social and emotional and academic learning. This capstone self-study will focus on my reflections as a leader implementing Peace Circles. I will be reflecting on my leadership experiences of the Peace Circle implementation throughout the school's main building campus which is comprised of 13 classrooms serving grades three through eight. According to Pine (2008), self-study is a form of action research that educators can focus on educational field experiences and professional development. To inform my self-study, I will engage in reflective journaling regarding publicly available data as well as document analysis of school-wide policies around discipline and restorative practices.