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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School Psychology


The field of school psychology has developed a strong commitment to culturally competent practice. However, there is a lack of literature examining multicultural competence among school psychologists. The present study sought to address this need using a two-pronged approach. First, the study expanded the research base for a self-report multicultural competence scale by administering the measure to a sample of practicing school psychologists. Second, the study investigated the relationship between racial colorblindness and self-perceived multicultural competence among school psychologists by administering an additional racial colorblindness measure. Given that similar fields have identified the negative impact of racial colorblindness on multicultural competence, it is important to explore the interrelation between these factors in school psychology. A total of 141 practicing school psychologists completed an online survey. Quantitative analyses highlighted the importance of multicultural education and opportunities for increased interactions with diverse populations in school psychology training programs. Furthermore, the findings emphasized the need to address colorblind attitudes in the field, particularly as they impact service delivery among White and older school psychologists. Implications for school psychology training, practice, and service delivery are discussed.