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This meta-analysis systematically reviewed interventions for disordered eating in the adolescent and young adult population. A systematic search identified 30 interventions that could be compared to controls and 88 specific interventions that could be compared to other specific interventions. An in-depth analysis of the current state of the literature is provided. Results indicated that eating disorder interventions were effective overall when compared to control for both eating disorder and non-eating disorder outcomes, with differential effects across diagnoses, outcome categories, and outcome source, as well as some maintenance of effects at follow-up. Additionally, multiple moderators of treatment effectiveness for eating disorder outcomes emerged including: duration of diagnosis, whether females were targeted, qualifications of administrator, type of control group, rationale for study size, modality, inclusion of psychoeducation, a social interaction component, and use of homework. Preliminary comparisons between specific types of treatment indicated are discussed with caution. Clinical implications and recommendations for future research on eating disorder intervention for adolescents and young adults are highlighted.

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