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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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The research of Mei Jiun Wu (2013) indicates that demographic change greater than 1% has significant impact on the achievement performance of school districts. This study analyzes a single district that experienced an average of 1.25% demographic change per year consisting of an increase of non-White students from 2002 to 2015. Despite this compounding change, the district was able to maintain and improve academic achievement. This study utilizes Marzano and Waters' (2009) framework for school leadership as well as Lindsey, Nuri-Robins, and Terrell's (2009) Framework for cultural proficiency to better understand how the district was able to maintain and improve academic achievement in the midst of significant demographic change. The study identifies the educational practices suggested by these frameworks as active within the school district and highlights the positive impact of mission oriented collaborative goal setting, data driven needs assessment with corresponding intervention services, overlapping communication structures, and a communal expectation of culturally responsive behavior.