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Many urban schools, throughout the United States of America, experience major academic challenges in preparing Kindergarten students to become proficient readers, to achieve academic success throughout the formal educational process. The purpose of this research study was to examine how the implementation of the Wilson Fundations Program, in an urban Kindergarten setting, impacted student literacy achievement and growth. The Wilson Fundations Program is a systematic, explicit, and highly structured mult-sensory language program for students in K-3 grade. The Wilson Fundations is based on principles of the Wilson Reading System which provides instruction for a comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting program. The Wilson Fundations Program is designed to complement existing literature-based instructional reading programs in various group settings: general education programs, small group instruction, or learning disabled student populations for both prevention and early intervention strategies. The Wilson Fundations Program emphasize phonemic awareness, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, decoding skills, spelling, and vocabulary development. The findings of this study suggest the Wilson Fundations Program is an effective instructional resource to use with urban kindergarten students.