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Access to advanced-level science courses can be difficult for those students who start in a tracked system. Tracking is an educational practice where students are assigned to different classes based on ability level. African American and Hispanic students are most at risk since most minority students are found in the lower level track (Burris, 2014; Mehan, 2015; Oakes, 2005). This investigation used an action research approach to determine how explicitly taught elements of scientific argumentation would impact student mastery of argument skills and influence instructional practices by a professional learning community. A mixed method study was used to collect qualitative and quantitative data. Action research was conducted to answer the research questions. During the action research study data was continuously collected and analyzed to make decisions about improvements to instructional practices. The findings revealed how the process of action research influenced instructional practices, and improved written and verbal understanding of elements of argument. The results of this study added to science education research related to scientific argumentation in the science classroom.

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