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This study presents the findings of a content analysis of student handbooks from 23 public high schools in a suburban Illinois county. A checklist was utilized to compare discipline policy information between handbooks published in the school years prior to and following implementation of Illinois Senate Bill 100. The results included 20 of the 23 schools' handbooks demonstrating an increase in their reflection of Senate Bill 100 requirements from the 2015-16 to 2016-17 school years with approximately half of the schools modifying handbook language from pre- to post-implementation years to remove zero-tolerance policies and reflect policies aligned with the Senate Bill 100 requirements for make-up work and re-engagement following student exclusion. While these initial results appear promising, much is left to be known regarding how the modifications reflected in the handbooks are applied in practice and the impact on student outcomes in order to fully understand whether the goals of Senate Bill 100 will be realized. In order to take significant steps toward combatting the negative outcomes and disproportionality associated with exclusionary discipline, a recommendation is offered for school personnel to continue to examine alignment with Senate Bill 100 while committing to collaborative actions to improve systemic practices.

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