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The issue that this study addresses is the communication of the MTSS initiative within the high school setting. The MTSS process will allow access to evidence based intervention programs for student social, emotional support. The study consists of parallel interview protocols to understand the perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses in the communication of how to access the student support services. The results of interviewing a sample of staff and parents to understand how to improve access to student social, emotional supports within the high school setting indicated that the strength of the MTSS initiative related to the availability of SE supports within the high school. The weaknesses related to the consideration that the information received about how to access social emotional supports was not fully understood and lacked fidelity. Findings from the current study are consistent with existing MTSS literature concerning the challenges with implementing MTSS that are widely documented. The conclusion provides recommendations for improved communication as the process moves forward from the initial stages of implementation.

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