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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School Psychology


General education teachers are now serving students with both special education needs and regular education students within a general education environment. Inclusionary practices are increasingly becoming common practice. However, teacher prep-programs concentrate on lesson planning and not enough training is emphasized on classroom management or behavior/academic intervention strategies. There is a dearth of qualitative studies gaining teachers perspectives on this phenomenon. This qualitative study will seek to gain insight about teachers' experiences, perspectives, and practices regarding implementation of self-regulation strategies within a general education setting. the research questions will gain insight on what strategies could look like in a general education classroom, teacher's training and experiences with behaviors and self-regulation strategies, and the supports needed for implementation of strategies in general education settings to support all students. the results of this study could help school psychologists better collaborate with teachers and develop feasible interventions for general education settings. This study is framed through a phenomenological framework and case study design. Data will be collected through observations, semi-structured interviews, and analysis of documents provided by general and special education teachers across grade levels (Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School).

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