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As the role of an elementary and middle school principal in Illinois is recognized for having a significant impact on student achievement and the success of a school community a greater emphasis is placed on the evaluation and professional development of the principals in Illinois. with the passage of Senate Bill 7 in Illinois, the requirements for principal evaluations changed. the purpose of the research is to understand the actual versus the perceived use of the ISLLC principal leadership standards and whether the implementation of SB7 is having an impact on principal leadership. Participants of this study included a survey of all K-8 principals in Illinois and all superintendents serving in K-8 school districts. the further examine the lived experiences of principals and superintendents in Illinois three principals and two superintendents volunteered to participate in in-person interviews detailing their experiences with the principal evaluation process in their experience. the findings in this study revealed a common experience among principals in Illinois as a result of SB7, the benefits of principals receiving feedback from their supervisors and a lack of professional development being offered to principals throughout Illinois connected to their evaluation.

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