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The purpose of this LatCrit narrative study was to explore how Latinx/a/o students who are first-generation to college make meaning of their resilience in relation to the development of their critical consciousness. the research questions that guided this study were: How do first-generation to college Latinx/a/o students make meaning of their ability to overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of adversity; in other words, how have they constructed their resilience narrative? How does critical consciousness, or understanding their social identity within the context of social, political, and economic forms of oppression, influence their resilience narrative, if at all? Data were collected from the narrative interviews of Latinx/a/o college students using a three-dimensional narrative approach. However, adjustments were made to incorporate a critical race and LatCrit theory framework. Students were therefore asked, via a three-pronged approach, to share a cuento/story, consejo/advice, and testimonio/testimony regarding their awareness of systems of oppression and how they have maintained their resilience. the research uncovered a complex process of critically conscious resilience involving an identity development practice that moves students through meaning-making of dissonant external experiences to an internal formula that promotes their community cultural wealth and other asset-based habits.

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