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A SELF-STUDY of the RELATIONSHIPS between MY LEADERSHIP and the PROMOTIon of a SUPPORTIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT There has been a recent focus in education on Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Justice, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). All of these areas are tied to creating a Supportive School Environment that will help students be successful. Chicago Public Schools created a Supportive School Certification process in 2017 and works closely with schools to help them achieve certification (Mathewson, 2017). as the fifth principal in the past ten years at J. P. Miller School, there has been a significant change in leadership styles, school visions, and allocation of resources. the school received the highest or second highest rating issued by Chicago Public Schools prior to my arrival as principal. from the outside, it would appear that the school is performing at a high level, however, an alarming undercurrent indicated by the University of Chicago's 5 Essential Survey was that students rated the Support School Environment has €œNeutral€ for years leading to me becoming principal. Research shows that relationships are vital to students feeling welcome at a school, which informs their academic success and social emotional growth (CASEL, 2018). Creating a supportive school climate is imperative for a school principal to lead their school towards continuous improvement. This study has implications for school leaders who are working with all stakeholders to continuously improve educational opportunities and experiences for the students they serve. Through a Self-Study, the school principal will use Sergiovanni and Blumer's €œLeadership through Proposing€ to guide the school community through Chicago Public Schools' Supportive School Certification to increase student academic performance and social emotional growth.

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